Acting for air quality, Geco air, the application for a more sustainable mobility

Every day we breathe nearly 15,000 liters of air! It might as well be of good quality! Geco air is a mobile application that helps you get around more responsibly by giving you personalized advice on your trips to get the most responsible behaviors.

Geco air, your travel companion

Through the use of widgets, customize your application to suit your mobility needs. In the blink of an eye :

  • visualize the pollutant emissions of your mobility,
  • find personalized advice on your trips,
  • create weather alerts on your favorite trips,
  • learn about the air quality around you.
  • And many other tools to assist you on a daily basis and help you improve your mobility

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Air quality, a priority for everyone

In October 2013, the World Health Organization classified outdoor air pollution as a certain carcinogen for humans.

However, it is often difficult to know the current level of air quality that surrounds you.

Geco air informs you on a daily basis about the air you breathe and alerts you in case of pollution peaks.

Thanks to personalized advice, the community can act by adapting its mobility to reduce the environmental footprint of the application’s users.

How does it work?

Our teams of researchers have been working for years on calculating the environmental footprint related to mobility.

What is the science behind Geco air?

How to act?

Geco air is based on a simple observation: with the same vehicle on the same trip, pollutant emissions can be up to three times higher depending on driving style.

What are the levers to reduce your own emissions?

Who are we?

Geco air is developed by the public research institution IFP Energies Nouvelles.

IFPEN is a major player in research and training in the fields of energy, transport and environment.

A citizen science project for action on air quality

A free-to-use application

Anonymized, secure
and unshared data


An enterprise application as well

The Geco air application also enables to address collective issues by helping companies to set up and monitor their Mobility Plan.