Privacy policy

Privacy policy :

The Geco air app is made available free of charge by IFPEN, a French public research establishment, as part of its general interest mission.

It has two objectives:
– advise drivers to help reduce the environmental impact of their driving
– conduct a crowdsensing campaign to help communities and cities to understand and reduce the polluting impact of road infrastructure (example: monitor the impact of a retarder on a road in terms of polluting emissions).

For these purposes the application collects, with the prior authorization of the user, the data of his GPS, only during his travels. Its data make it possible to calculate for each route its emissions from its real profile of speed, acceleration and altitude. Emissions profiles, anonymized, are also aggregated on each road segment in order to build a dynamic map of vehicle emissions and help cities identify critical areas. If a user wants to have a more accurate estimate of their emissions, the application gives them the opportunity to enter their registration number. This information is only used to collect the technical specifications of its vehicle (power, displacement, mass, …), it is not stored on the IFPEN servers.

All the data collected by the application is stored on the IFPEN servers and this data is not shared with any third party.